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Madeleine L’Angle’s second book, The Wrinkle in the Quintet of Time. When Charles Wallace falls ill, Meg, Calvin and their teacher, Mr. Jenkins, must go to CW to recover and save the universe from the evil Echtros.


“This is a breathtaking sight.” – School Library Journal, home review

Each time a star goes out, another Echtros wins the battle.

This is November. When Meg arrives home from school, mitochondritis Charles Wallace tells her that he saw dragons in the twin’s garden. That night, Meg, Calvin and CW go to the garden to meet Master (Blessed), who explains that what they see is not a dragon at all, but a cherub named Proginosquez. It turns out that CW is sick and that Blajeny and Proginoskes are here to make him healthy – by making him healthy, they will control the balance of the universe and save her from the evil Echtros.

Meg, Calvin, and Mr. Jenkins (the principal of the elementary school) must travel inside CW to enter this battle and save Charles’s life and the balance of the universe.

Praise the wind at the door:

“The complex concepts of space and time are well processed for young readers, mitochondritis and the author creates an exciting drama of life and death, which has a plausible cosmic significance. Complex and rich in mystical religious views, this is an exciting sight. ” – School Library Journal, tagged review

1 review for A Wind in the Door mitochondritis

  1. Sean

    The goods came quickly, I liked it very much, my score is five!

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